Philippines: Protesters rally against anti-terror bill amid Independence Day celebrations

A large number of protesters gathered on the grounds of the University of the Philippines in Quezon City on Friday, to rally against the anti-terrorism bill, as the country celebrates its 122nd Independence Day amid COVID restrictions. Protesters were seen wearing face masks and holding signs reading «Dissent is duty» and «Oust Duterte» as they pleaded with President Rodrigo Duterte not to sign the controversial bill into law which allows a military council to effectively bypass the judiciary system allowing it to arrest suspicious individuals without a warrant. «What he's trying to do is actually impose on us this anti-terror bill which he wants to make us believe is for our protection but if you read through each and every line in that law, it just goes to show that it is not something that protects us but protects him,» said activist and artist Mae Paner. The bill, which was recently passed by Philippines' House of Representatives, was sent to Duterte's office last Tuesday, giving the president 30 days to sign or veto it before it automatically enters the country's legal system.

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