Philippines: Protesters burn effigy of 'tyrant' Duterte on UN Human Rights Day

Thousands of protesters burnt an effigy of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte at the gates of the Presidential Palace in Manila on Sunday, to denounce his 'tyrannical rule'. Marchers called on the Philippine Government to stop extra judicial killings and other human rights violations in the country's ongoing war on drugs. The demonstration was timed to coincide with the UN International Human... Еще Rights Day on December 10. In an interview, prominent human rights activist and former Congressman Neri Colmenares hoped that the Philippines would learn from its experience of dictatorship under General Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the country between 1965 and 1986. «We asked the international community during the time of [Ferdinand] Marcos for their support against human rights violations in the country and now, we cannot tell the international community that they have no right to interfere, because human rights is a universal right. It is the right of all and should be the concern of all,» said Colmenares.


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