Philippines: Duterte threatens to expel EU diplomats from Manila within 24 hours

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to expel EU diplomats from the Philippines within 24 hours, accusing European nations of plotting to have Manila removed from the UN, speaking in Manila, Thursday. Duterte accused the EU of meddling in the Philippines' internal affairs and claimed that the EU wanted to expel Manila from the UN, «Just like that you tell us: 'You will be excluded in... Еще the UN.' Son of a whore, go ahead.» The Philippine president went on to say that he would give EU ambassadors 24 hours to leave his country, «You think that we are a bunch of morons here. You are the one. Now the ambassadors of those countries listening now, tell me, because we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You leave my country in 24 hours, all, all of you.» He also accused the EU of taking advantage of the Philippines' poverty, «You give us money then you start to orchestrate what things should be done and which should not happen in our country. You bullshit. We are past the colonisation stage. Don't fuck with us.» His speech appeared to be a reaction to recent international criticism of the Philippines' drug policy and human rights abuses. Following their last week's trip to the Philippines, which included European lawmakers, the Human Rights Watch Group suggested that the Philippines should be removed from the UN's top human rights body. However, the EU said in a statement that the lawmakers' visit was a privately-organised trip and not an official mission.


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