Philippines: ASEAN FM meeting focussed on restarting Korea negotiations — Lavrov

Following a joint plenary session of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reported that discussion focused on the situation on the Korean peninsula, with regards to nuclear missiles programme and the pursuit of political settlement, in Manila on Sunday. «There is a strong commitment to resume six-party talks in search of political settlement... Еще», Lavrov said. He explained that Russia and China share common positions, which are outlined in the documents released by the foreign Ministries on 4 July. These include China’s initiative of the mutual 'freezing' of nuclear tests and their firing in North Korea, as well as the freezing of the United States' large-scale drills in South Korea. Lavrov added that «Besides this concept, the Russian-Chinese initiative supports the Russian proposal of creating a road map, which allows for a revival of trust, and establishes an environment for six-party negotiations.» Looking ahead to the Tehran meeting of Russia, Turkey and Iran, which is set to take place on 8-9 August, Lavrov stated that «we will continue talks on further strengthening the de-escalation zones.» The foreign ministers of ASEAN met for the 50th anniversary of the ASEA regional security forum. Diplomats from 27 countries gathered to discuss issues related to the region’s security. The meetings are to be held from 2-8 August 2017.
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