PhD student looks after almost 100 cats in underground feline sanctuary

PhD student Yin Yi started volunteering at an underground cat shelter in Beijing, which he now helps run, to cope with the stress of his studies. Footage filmed on Wednesday shows the stray cats roaming around in the basement. Yin Yi explained that he decided to volunteer at the feline refuge due to the «great pressure» he was under during his studies. «Since I love cats and dogs, I came here... Еще every day, cleaned up and played with the cats. I felt good every day. Then, I was able to enter the laboratory happily,» he said. «I always thought it was the cats who helped me, rather than me doing anything for them.» The rescue centre was home to 150 cats when the young student started volunteering back in 2016. The shelter now counts 80, with four volunteers looking after them.

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