Pet tree frog inspires Taichung business man to make his fortune from cockroaches

A Taiwanese business man has built an interesting answer to sustainable high-protein food source in the form of a cockroach farm, and business, is thriving. Robert Chen displayed how he feeds and packages the roaches from his farm in Taichung, Friday. Using plastics and cardboard, breeder Chen packages cockroaches up for delivery when he receives an order, and high demand has meant his business... Еще is currently expanding. Chen described his love for roaches has come from his time owning a pet tree frog and how he raised different insects to feed it, including fruit flies, crickets and, later, cockroaches. Cockroaches are high in protein but low in fat. Plus they are easy to breed and farm. «The common household cockroaches you see in Taiwan is too active to be kept. The cockroaches we breed are more well-behaved and they stay inside their container».

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