Peruvian company produces recycled bottle rucksack with built-in solar panel

A company based in Lima has produced a smart backpack made entirely from recycled PET bottles with a built-in solar panel, a chargeable internal battery, and three LED light bulbs. Footage filmed on Wednesday in Lima shows various products made of recycled plastic bags and bottles as well as newspapers and office paper, at the workshop of 'Ecological Communications.' Gianfranco Cabrera Luna... Еще, one of the designers of the bag said, «The 'PetChila' was born because normal backpacks are made of virgin polyester, and when they are made they pollute [the environment], this backpack is made with plastic cloth from recycled bottles.» He added, «the added value is a solar energy panel that charges a battery allowing to maintain a laptop in use longer, charge a cell phone. It also comes with three LED bulbs, which with the battery well charged, can last 8 hours on the three bulbs.» 'Ecological Communications' was founded in Lima in 2019 it aims to contribute to the development of a Circular Economy and promotes the employability of at risk women.

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