Peru: Would you like to be a guinea pig for this shamanic ritual?

A traditional shamanic ceremony, in which guinea pigs are used to help cure and prevent diseases, was performed at «The Fair of Wishes» market in Lima, Saturday. According to ancient shamanic tradition, the guinea pigs are meant to cleanse disease and illness, and have been used to heal people for hundreds of years. The guinea pig is meant to crawl on the patient and diagnose the problem. After... Еще the shaman rubs the animal on the patient the illness should disappear. Participant in the ritual Donata Zuniga explained why she believes in the healing power of this small, squeaky rodent. «I have a lot of faith, a lot of confidence and I believe since our ancestors, as my father always told us, the guinea pig was always very good when we had some disease, they passed us the guinea pig and it healed us,» she said.

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