Peru: Venezuelans rally against Maduro's second term

Dozens of Venezuelans gathered in front of the Venezuelan Embassy in Lima on Thursday to protest against Nicolas Maduro's new presidential term. Protesters chanted and held banners reading 'illegitimate' and 'dictator.' «To declare him as president, for him to take up the position, he has go to the National Assembly, not the Supreme Court. He wants to go to the Supreme Court because it is the... Еще entity which works in his favour. The National Assembly is against him,» said Yura Diaz, a protester. “Today Venezuelans in Peru as Venezuelans in Ecuador, as Venezuelans in Argentina, as in Colombia, as in Europe, as in the United States, have come to the embassies and to the consulates to reject Nicolas Maduro and what is tyranny,” another protester, Vilca Fernandez said. Minor scuffles erupted as police dispersed the protesters. Maduro was sworn in for a second term in Caracas on Thursday, while the US, Canada and a dozen of Latin American countries have said they would not recognise Maduro's presidency.

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