Peru: Unrest in Lima continues after Fujimori pardon

Thousands of protesters marched through central Lima on Thursday to protest the pardon of former President Alberto Fujimori. Some held pictures of those who went missing under Fujimori's rule. Women's rights protesters held signs depicting uteruses, in demonstration against a nationwide family planning programme introduced by Fujimori in the late 1990s which resulted in thousands of forced... Еще sterilisations. Students, human rights campaigners and activists from various social movements have roundly condemned the decision of President Pablo Pedro Kuczynski to pardon the former leader on grounds of ill health. Fujimori was serving a 25-year prison sentence for corruption and humans rights violations committed during his period in office from 1990 to 2000. The ex-leader was rushed to hospital from his jail cell due to heart complications on December 24. Kuczynski has denied that the pardon is part of a deal with opposition parties to avoid his own impeachment. The Peruvian leader's political survival was thrown into uncertainty amidst investigations into business ties with Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht. The pardon of Fujimori has sparked a wave of resignations from within the Peruvian government.

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