Peru: Tear gas billows at Lima protest against the Fujimoris

Thousands marched in the Peruvian capital Lima on Wednesday to protest against former President Alberto Fujimori and other political figures including Hector Becerril. Becerril is a Congressman of Fuerza Popular, the party of Alberto Fujimori's daughter Keiko, who was recently released following her arrest in a money laundering investigation. According to protesters, Becerril is being shielded... Еще from persecution by his party, which hold the largest share of seats in the Peruvian Congress. Recently, Congress reportedly approved what was dubbed the 'Fujimori Law.' This benefits all convicted persons over 65, allowing them to access house arrest once they do one-third of their jail time. Protesters marched against these cases and in general against alleged political corruption of the Fuerza Popular party.

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