Peru: Striking teachers occupy airport, demanding salary increase

W/S Protesters on vehicle blocking planeW/S Police firing tear gasW/S PlaneW/S Tear gasM/S Protester burning cropsW/S Crops burningW/S Protesters burning cropsW/S Protesters chantingM/S Protesters chantingSCRIPTScores of teachers belonging to the Unitary Union of Peru's Education Workers (SUTEP) occupied the Francisco Carle de Jauja airport in Junin, Tuesday, as they entered their thirteenth day... Еще of striking to call for salary increases and better conditions.Protesters accessed the airport's landing area with a vehicle, forcing the airport to suspend its operations for security reasons. While some demonstrators then faced police officers, who fired tear gas against them in order to quell the uprising, others were seen setting on fire lands with crops.Similar protesting actions took place also in districts and provinces including Desaguadero, Pomata, Ilave, Azangaro, Caracoto. The Desaguadero international bridge, which connects Peru and Bolivia, was reportedly blocked by the striking teachers as well.SUTEP teachers started the strike on June 13, holding what at first was supposed to be a one-day mobilisation. They are demanding a salary and budget increase as well as the postponement of school evaluations scheduled for the past week.

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