Peru: Pyongyang says Peru throwing gas on the fire of nuclear row

The North Korean Ambassador to Peru Kim Hak-Chol stated that Lima's decision to expel him was like «throwing gasoline on the fire» on the diplomatic spat over Pyongyang's repeated nuclear tests. Kim blamed the US' «hostile policy» for the «nuclear problem» on the Korean Peninsula, adding that the current situation is «a problem between us and the United States.» He went on to stress that North... Еще Korea is «forced to develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent to defend national sovereignty,» which he said is done «in the face of the hostile policy of threat and aggression by the US government.» The North Korean ambassador added, «The bilateral and diplomatic measure taken yesterday by the Peruvian government lacks judicial and moral reasoning and does not further world peace and security at all, to the contrary, it throws gasoline on the fire, which we express protest and regret.» Lima announced the decision to expel Kim on Monday, giving him five days to leave Peru. Peru's decision came following the US' call last month for Latin American countries to cut ties with Pyongyang as a response to North Korea's nuclear programme.

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