Peru: Mummies of early Chinese immigrants dug-up in Lima

Three 19th-century mummies of Chinese immigrants have been unearthed in the Carabayllo district of Lima province. Archaeologists showcased their findings in the Peruvian capital of Lima on Tuesday. According to the team of archaeologists, the mummies were found during an excavation by the Calidda natural gas company in January. “We recovered three coffins corresponding to Chinese immigrants of... Еще the late 19th century”, explained Calidda natural gas company archeologist Jesus Bahamonde. “The mummies were found inside coffins and this mummification is a consequence of the dry land that Lima has, and could preserve the tissue, and which has enabled us to define their origin”, said Bahamonde. The archeologist also pointed out that “all of them wear jeans, squared shirt, buttons that are not made of plastic, but something like ivory, they have possibly received some kind of treatment before being buried so the body has been preserved in good conditions.” Several artifacts were found alongside the bodies, including opium smoking pipes as well as a deck of Chinese Tarot cards.

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