Peru: Maduro 'no longer welcome' to Summit of the Americas in Lima

Foreign Ministers of Organisation of American States withdrew the invitation to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to an upcoming summit in Lima on Tuesday. The invitation was withdrawn over Venezuela's selection of an early election date amidst a growing political and economic crisis in the country. In particular, Peruvian Foreign Minister Lucia Cayetana Aljovin questioned the possibility... Еще of «free and fair elections with political prisoners, without the full participation of the political parties and leaders arbitrarily detained or disqualified, with an electoral authority under the control of the government, without the participation of millions of Venezuelans abroad unable to vote.» Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin also spoke at the podium to dismiss Venezuelan contentions that Colombia was preparing a military intervention into Venezuela, stating that there are «enough problems in Colombia,» and presenting the increasing humanitarian situation on the Colombian border. Last week, Maduro announced he would seek re-election in the upcoming presidential elections, set to take place on April 22.


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