Peru: Lima's traditional bullring transformed into homeless shelter amid COVID-19 outbreak

Lima Mayor Jorge Munoz inaugurated a project called «La casa de todos» (Everybody's House), which is set to transform the traditional Acho bullring in the Peruvian capital into a shelter for homeless people in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak that is hitting the country. Footage shows the Plaza de Acho with a sector housing beds and other facilities designed to accommodate 135 homeless... Еще people. Many of them were entering the place and being examined by health personnel wearing masks and other safety equipment to prevent the spread of COVID-19. «After this process of controlling the entry of people, the objective is to give them health care, routine care,» said Juan Luis Arce Palomino, a member of the Metropolitan System of Solidarity, one of the entities in charge of the initiative. The project has not been without controversy, especially due to opposition from the Bullfighting Association of Peru, which says the 250-year-old venue is a cultural heritage site and does not meet the health requirements to be transformed into a homeless shelter. The mayor of Lima dismissed the objections and pointed out that «this accusation by this association of bullfighters for doing what we are doing to protect the people, is an accusation against all of society. They are going against the mainstream. We are working to protect human beings, and they don't want to.» According to Peruvian authorities, as of this Tuesday, the country had 1,065 people infected with COVID-19 while 30 people have died from the disease.

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