Peru: Ex-President Ollanta Humala leaves prison after 10-month detention

Former Peruvian President Ollanta Humala was seen leaving the detention centre in Lima on Monday, after the high court ruled that he and his wife could not be detained any longer in preparation for a case regarding money laundering. A crowd of supporters and journalists greeted the former Peruvian President while leaving the prison. Santiago Gastanaudi, Former Congressman of Ollanta’s... Еще Peruvian Nationalist Party, expressed his satisfaction over the early release in what was «a hard fight that has lasted almost 10 months, but in the end, justice proved us right.» Ollanta Humala’s wife Nadine Heredia was released earlier on Monday. Humala and his wife were being held on charges for undeclared funds, allegedly having taken money from late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his presidential bid in 2006, as well as $3 million (€2.48 million) from the head of Brazilian construction company Odebrecht for his 2011 presidential campaign. The high court deemed that the previous 18-month detention order was vacant and ordered the couple's release.

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