Peru: Craftswomen produce COVID-19 masks with Andean motifs

Amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, craftswomen from the Association of Popular Artists of Sarhua in Lima have decided to help counter the pandemic by making masks embroidered with designs inspired by local indigenous cultures. Footage on Thursday shows the craftswomen sewing the masks and exhibiting other crafts at the association's centre. «All decoration has meaning based on the nature... Еще that surrounds us. From the hill, the rays of the sun and the candle of the Virgin Asuncion,» said a craftswoman named Violeta Quispe. She also explained the reasoning behind embroidering 'Not one less' on one particular mask. «In these times of emergency many women are now at home with their abusers. Perhaps without being able to ask for help or staying quiet while violence erupts,» she explained. As of Friday, Peru has reported nearly 37,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with more than 1,000 related deaths, according to figures compiled by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

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