Peru: Congress debates confidence vote in government

Peru's Congress is debating a confidence vote in the government at a session in Lima on Tuesday, as President Martin Vizcarra tries to pass anti-corruption measures. Prime Minister Salvador del Solar, a Vizcarra ally, opened the debate with a defence of the proposals. «We cannot tolerate that our democracy sustains itself through parties which are in the main weakened, disgraced, distant from... Еще the people and highly vulnerable to corruption,» del Solar told lawmakers. If Peru's opposition-controlled Congress votes 'no confidence', Vizcarra could invoke a constitutional measure that would authorise him to dissolve Congress and call new legislative elections. The move was met with outcry from the opposition, who accuse president of launching a 'coup'. Vizcarra's proposals include measures aimed at cleaning up campaign financing, strengthening political parties and ending parliamentary immunity from prosecution. mandatory credit: apep pool

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