Peru: Activists stage mock bullfight to highlight the tradition's cruelty

Dozens of activists staged a mock bullfighting performance in central Lima, Sunday, to demand an end to bullfighting and highlight the suffering of the bulls during such events. Two activists — one in matador costume and another wearing a plastic effigy of a bull — staged the reenactment. The plastic bull was waked with wooden sticks and stabbed with lances, before being doused in fake blood... Еще. One of the protesters, Klinsmann Lopez, described bullfighting as «abhorrent, shameful and unfortunate,» and called for the Spanish government to ban the cultural event. «We as defenders of animals cannot allow this abuse in our country, we cannot allow them to continue mistreating animals,» he stated. Another activist named Carlos Lopez explained that the protest intended to highlight the «pain and suffering that the animal is subjected to». Lopez concluded that all animals «have the right to be free and not tortured». Bullfighting is a traditional Spanish spectacle which has also maintained popularity in certain Latin American countries.

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