Perfume inspired by Vladimir Putin rereleased in Moscow

Maxim Fomichyov, founder of the luxury brand named 'Leaders' dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke about his inspirational new perfume dedicated to the Russian President, from Moscow on Sunday. Leaders Number One, a perfume dedicated to Vladimir Putin, has notes of lemon, bergamot and blackcurrant as well as cedar, pine, fir cones, musk, and mung beans. The brand was first... Еще launched in December 2015 in Moscow's GUM department store, with a limited edition of two thousand bottles. The idea to create a fragrance came to Maxim Fomichyov, who had just began publishing Leaders magazine and was seeking a little publicity. «Initially, the perfumery was created as an element of dedication to some tsars, emperors and powerful men. And at that time the idea of repeating this experience and dedicating the more deeply worked out product [to Vladimir Putin] came to us. That is, the perfume is a truly high-technology product.» the founder of the Leaders brand said, recollecting the time he first released his perfume. A few years later Maxim Fomichyov came up with the idea of expanding the brand and created a version of the fragrance for women. 'Leaders Russian Woman' has notes of bergamot, rose, peony, lilac, cedar, nutmeg, sandalwood, and vanilla. The Leaders Number One fragrance has an international story behind it. The fragrance itself was created in France with the help of the perfumer Vlad Rekunov, who is from Belarus. The scent bottle was made in Italy, while the design of the product was developed in Poland. «It [the perfume] was created for all who like the perfume and who want to smell nice. But on the other hand it is for people who love and support our president,» Fomichyov commented on his target customer base. Still he is ready to extend his brand further and hopes that Vladimir Putin himself will one day learn about the perfume Leaders Number One. But the Russian leader is reportedly not informed of the product. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said in a statement that the use of Vladimir Putin's name for commercial purposes, namely for the production of perfume, had not been approved by the presidential administration.

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