Patriot Patrollers Rusty and Tim keep Texas safe from illegal immigrants

A group of self-described 'concerned citizens' went about their daily task of patrolling the US border with Mexico, near Brownsville, TX on Saturday. Rusty and Tim, two 'country lovers', could be seen driving their pick-up trucks along the Rio Grande as they kept an eye out for possible illegal border-hoppers. «All we want is the protection of our country. You got people coming into this... Еще country illegally, breaking our laws, that's international rules that they are breaking, and that's what we are on this border for, to push back the law breakers and keep them on their side,» Tim explained. Carrying binoculars, a pistol and handcuffs, the pair rebuffed accusations of racism and bigotry, saying they just wanted to 'protect their property.' Brownsville is separated from the town of Matamoros by the meandering Rio Grande which forms a 3,034km (1,885mi) natural border between Mexico and the United States. The pair do not believe that this border is sufficiently fortified and have taken it upon themselves to become vigilantes.

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