Papua New Guinea: Naval puzzle solved as WWI Australian submarine wreck found after 103 years

The wreckage of Australia's first submarine was found 103 years after it had vanished off the coast of Papua New Guinea, officials said on Thursday. The HMAS AE1 sub, the first built for the Royal Australian Navy, had disappeared with a crew of 35 on 14 September 1914 off the Duke of York Islands, marking the first Allied submarine loss in World War I. Its vanishing had been Australia's longest... Еще military mystery since then. HMAS AE1 was found in the same area in waters more than 300 metres deep, after the 13th search for it was launched last week. The search was conducted by the Fugro Equator vessel, also used by Australia to look for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The expedition was jointly financed by the Australian government, the Australian National Maritime Museum, and two maritime history organisations. Mandatory credit: Royal Australian Navy

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