Panama: Protesters clash as Trump burns on US invasion anniversary

An effigy of US President Donald Trump was set on fire in Panama City on Wednesday, as dozens marched to mark the 28th anniversary of the United States' invasion of the country. The protesters marched to the US Embassy, where they clashed with police forces guarding the premises. The effigy was set on fire shortly after. On December 20, 1989, during the administration of former US president... Еще George H.W. Bush, tens of thousands of US troops entered Panama which was under the control of former US ally General Manuel Noriega. Bush stated that the aim of the operation was to defend democracy in Panama, safeguard the lives of US citizens living in the Central American country and to combat drug trafficking. On January 3rd the following year Noriega was deposed, surrendering to American forces after taking sanctuary in the Holy See's Embassy. He was later taken to the United States as a prisoner of war where has prosecuted for drug trafficking offences and sentenced to 30 years in prison. During the invasion over 200 Panamanian soldiers were killed along with more than 500 civilians, according to the United Nations. 23 US soldiers died in the operation and a further 325 were wounded.


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