Panama: Foundation relocates turtle eggs to protect them from predators

Volunteers of the Agua y Tierra Foundation were seen working on the beach of Mata Oscura, in Panama's Veraguas Province on Thursday, to relocate sea turtle eggs in a bid to protect them from possible predators. «Every night we patrol the beach looking for turtle nests, then we gather the eggs and bring them here to protect them from dogs, racoons, and coyotes among other predators,» said Jacinto Rodriguez, the president of the Agua y Tierra foundation. With their help, they can guarantee the survival of different sea turtle species on the Panamanian beaches. The volunteers keep an updated database of the particular turtles that come to the beach to lay eggs. Some 50 days after being taken in by the foundation, the newborn turtles are released into the water. «So far we have collected around 50 nests during this season, right now we should be finding around five to seven turtle nests every night,» said Diego Lopez, a volunteer at the foundation.

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