Palestinian shoemaker stamps Macron's name on shoes in disapproval of his Islam comments

Palestinian shoemaker Emad al-Haj Mohammed stamped the name of French President Emmanuel Macron on the shoes his making, to show his disapproval of the French leader's backing of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons. Several pairs of shoes stamped with the name of the French President in Arabic calligraphy were on display the store's window located in Ramallah, on Sunday. Emad al-Haj Mohammed also has signs on his door asking French customers to apologise for Macron's comment upon their entrance. «The idea came after I had previously placed a sign depicting the filthy US President Trump and Balfour [former UK PM Arthur James Balfour], and then we witnessed the offence that this whole nation suffered from, therefore I decided to add France, and to make three shoes in the same colours because they are similar in their hostility to the Arab nation, Palestine and all Muslims,» he said. France witnessed a number of attacks after French teacher Samuel Paty was killed on October 16, for showing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad to his students. President Macron defended the pictures as an expression of freedom of speech and called Islam a religion 'in crisis'. His comments triggered protest in predominantly-Muslim countries around the world.

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