Palestine: High tensions after Israeli forces kill Al-Quds Brigades chief

Israeli warplanes continued to bomb agricultural land and military sites controlled by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) after the head of their armed wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, was killed in Gaza on Tuesday. Rockets were reportedly fired back at Israel from the Gaza strip. Footage shows a bombed-out headquarters of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in the al-Memal... Еще neighbourhood, west of Gaza City, which was allegedly hit by Israeli airstrikes. There have been no reported injuries. Explosions in the Gaza strip and sirens can also be heard, as smoke billows over the city. «This is a new campaign of escalation on the Gaza Strip, during the three wars. They are targeting the civilians in Gaza,» said Raafat Saleh, Independent Commission for Human Rights director. Palestine has responded by promising retaliation, according to local reports, as the Islamic Jihad group confirmed both commander Baha Abu al-Atta and his wife were killed. The prime minister had reportedly signed off on the killing.
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