Pakistan: 'We will throw aid in his face' — Islamabad reacts to Trump tweet

Islamabad citizens reacted angrily to US President Donald Trump's tweet accusing Pakistan of not doing enough to fight terror and his threats to withdraw financial aid on Tuesday. Civil servant Zeeshan said, «If he is a man and offers his aid to us, let him do it, we will throw his aid in his face.» A shopkeeper added, «We will opt for starvation but will never beg Americans.» Law student... Еще Muhammad Anas Khan said Trump's tweet «demeans the morale of the whole country» and stressed, “Pakistanis have spent billions of rupees and we have sacrificed the lives of many soldiers for the war on terror.» Housewife Samina added US aid does not compare to the lives, saying Trump's tweet, «can't do anything against us, these are just words.» On Monday, a US National Security Council spokesperson announced it will withhold $255m (€212m) of military aid to Pakistan, saying they need to do more to combat terrorism.

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