Pakistan: Sellers decorate sacrificial camels for upcoming Eid holiday

Camel vendors and hair designers were filmed decorating animals at a cattle market in Karachi on Wednesday. Camels will be sold and then sacrificed during the Eid al-Adha celebrations that will begin in Pakistan on July 31. «You need a beautiful animal to be sacrificed in the way of Allah. Allah loves that, people are rewarded for buying these animals. If an animal is decorated, people like to buy it,» said Muhammad Saddique, a camel hair designer. Abdul, a camel owner continued: «A decorated animal pays well while without decoration one can't get a good price. These animals are a special breed raised with love by our own hands, they are not used for work.» However, the conditions at the markets this year are different due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 269,000 people only in Pakistan and affected people's purchasing ability and earnings. Vendors are expecting a significant fall in the number of buyers this year with one of the customers saying that vendors ask 550,000-600,000 rupees for a camel (2,800-3,000 euros). «It is out of our budget. They are creating images on their skin and that is why the price is higher, they are getting more due to the beauty,» said Mueenullah, a customer.

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