Pakistan: Imran Khan ‘prepared for government’ as general election draws near

Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI, Movement of Justice) Imran Khan discussed the upcoming general election and the main issues facing his country in an interview in Islamabad on Friday. «This is the best preparation of my party. And we have good candidates, we are prepared now for government, we have a manifesto, a 100-day plan,» the PTI leader said of his own party. According to Khan... Еще the emergence of social media has helped to identify corruption, which will be one of the biggest themes in the election. The cricketer-turned-politician pointed out the revelations from the 'Panama Papers' have made the electorate «very politically aware.» Discussing relations between Islamabad and Washington, Khan said that «US as a superpower cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, our relationship has been very one-sided in the past.» On Afghanistan, the PTI leader said that history has shown there cannot be a military solution. «The Soviets would probably best guide the Americans that military solution is not an answer in Afghanistan. And therefore the only other solution is political,» he concluded. Pakistani general election 2018 is to be held on July 25, with 272 seats to be filled in the national assembly.

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