Pakistan: Eighteen killed, several trapped after coal mine collapse

At least 18 miners were killed and several trapped for hours inside a coal mine after two collapsed in different locations in the Balochistan province of western Pakistan on Saturday. Emergency services and ambulances rushed to the scene where a big crowd anxious for loved-ones had gathered. The mines in Pir Ismail and in Marwar are located near the city of Quetta and have reportedly collapsed... Еще due to explosions. A miner said: «After the blast seven died here, while seven on the other one, due to this blast, poison gas is not the reason, you must ask the top managers here, the big guns, they must answer, you ask them.» According to a government official from Quetta, the biggest city of the Balochistan province, the roof caved following an explosion. Rescue operations are still ongoing since the authorities fear a rise of the death toll.

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