Pakistan: At least 18 dead as military aircraft crashes near Bahria

A Pakistan Army military aircraft crashed into a residential area in a Rawalpindi suburb near Bahria town on Tuesday, killing 18 people including two pilots and three crew members and injuring 12, according to media citing an official statement. According to eyewitness Masood Khawaja, the aircraft took a turn in what he assumed to be an attempt to avoid hitting a densely populated area, however... Еще it ended up crashing into a family house with a big explosion and causing a huge fire. «We rushed to that place and heard people and children crying. We rescued two minor girls after breaking into the house. There was a big fire, rooms were locked from the inside and we could hear children crying. We tried our best to rescue people, but we didn't have tools, water and it was too dark,» added Khawaja. The incident in being investigated.

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