Pakistan: Afghans concerned over 30-day repatriation ultimatum

Afghan refugees expressed concern after they were given 30 days to leave Pakistan, speaking at a refugee settlement on the outskirts of Quetta on Saturday. Around 1.6 million Afghans are set to be affected by the Pakistani authority’s decision. «Look we can't go there, do they want us to get killed there? Then why not allows us to remain here. There is America, there are bombs and explosions... Еще, who is willing to be bombed?» asked Abdul Hakeem. «If they throw us out of Pakistan and we go to Afghanistan then there will be serious trouble for us. There is war, there are the Taliban. We are studying here, we have businesses here, no question about it, we can't leave,» said Zabeehullah. The ultimatum was announced on Wednesday, following US accusations that Islamabad shelters some of the fiercest factions of the Taliban fighting US and Afghan soldiers in neighbouring Afghanistan.

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