Overweight hedgehogs placed on diet and exercise regime at Tel Aviv zoo

Hedgehog Sherman was one of 10 overweight hedgehogs that were placed on diets and exercise regimes at the Ramat Gan Safari Zoo near Tel Aviv on Sunday, after being brought in from the streets. Safari zookeeper Becca Revkin said that the hedgehogs gained weight after eating cat food and human food leftovers, which include too much fat and protein. This meant the hedgehogs were not able to crawl... Еще up into a ball and defend themselves. Commenting on Sherman, Revkin said he had weighed 1.6 kilogrammes (3.5 pounds), which is far more than the usual hedgehog weight of between 600 and 900 grams. Revkin said human kindness in laying down food for stray animals should come with a consideration for the consequences, as some animals might find the food difficult for their digestive systems, which could lead to problems.

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