Ossetian family adopts bear cub — 'It's like a fourth child'

An Ossetian huntsman described on Friday how he had discovered a baby bear and taken it home to become part of his family, speaking from the Balta settlement in the Znaursky district. “One of the guys went to the forest with his dogs and found these baby bears. They lived in a huge linden hollow. The dogs smelled the animals and started jumping up the tree trying to reach the hollow. The female... Еще bear was scared and ran away. It is really strange she lived so close to the village. Usually bears choose places that are much further away” explained hunter Lavrentiy Pliev. After finding the two baby bears, Pliev brought them home to meet his children. Sadly, one of the bears died soon after. The second cub is now around five months old. It is healthy and now lives off milk, jam and semolina pudding, and plays with Gabaraeva’s children. Pliev said that when the cub is older, they will take it to a conservancy area or to a zoo.

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