Orphaned Himalayan cub finds the bear necessities of life

The future of an orphaned Himalayan bear cub in Vladivostok is looking brighter thanks to the efforts of local vets, footage shot Monday shows. The bear was brought to a local rehabilitation centre about a month ago after his mother was reportedly killed by poachers. «He was very fortunate that he was brought in very quickly and that he was fed after separation from his mother,» said Vet... Еще Ekaterina Blidchenko. «Two-months for a bear is very small. Now it is a very difficult period. He is in a special box in a fairly warm room that mimics a den, since his thermoregulation is not yet perfect,» she added. According to vets, the baby bear’s weight is a healthy 2.4 kg. He will be raised with minimal human contact and returned back to the forest most likely in the autumn. Himalayan bears are considered vulnerable to extinction due to poachers.

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