Only in Japan: This $275 floating umbrella will keep you dry in the sky!

The Oyama-based company Asahi Power presented its hands-free drone-powered umbrella, ‘the Free Parasol’, as shown in footage filmed on Friday. Suzuki Kenji, the CEO of the company, believes there’s a big market for self-propelled umbrellas, not only as a way to stay dry in a downpour while staying glued to your phone, but also as an easy way to beat the heat on a sunny day. The umbrella will... Еще use a camera and AI to autonomously track the user’s head, which is a technology that has already been used in drones. But there remain hurdles to overcome before everyone is walking around with a floating dome above their heads. The product is expected to be available in 2019 and will cost around $275 (£207.27).

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