Omelettin’ this slide! Malmedy's egg festival defies insecticide scandal

Over 6,500 eggs were cracked to make the giant omelette at an annual festival in Malmedy, on Tuesday, despite the continuing international health scare concerning eggs contaminated with the harmful to humans insecticide Fipronil. Unlike previous years which saw 7,000 guests attend the event, this years 22nd omelette festival attracted only a 1,000 guests. Nevertheless one organiser assured, «We... Еще work with premium eggs. AFSCA (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) also controlled the eggs so there is absolutely no worries about our eggs.» Since the end of July, millions of eggs have been withdrawn from shops in Germany, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands after some of them tested positive for the insecticide fipronil, a substance used for the extermination of ants, fleas, lice and cockroaches.

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