Oh puh-lease, Hercules: 21-year-old Russian grows FOOT WIDE biceps after drug injections

Kirill Tereshin, 21, showed off his alARMing 64cm (2ft) circumference biceps which he achieved after using a drug called synthol, in Russia's Pyatigorsk on Saturday. Synthol is used as a subcutaneous injection, which spreads between bundles of muscle fibres and inflates them. Tereshin explained that the drug freezes in the muscles «with time and turns into concrete and stays there for life... Еще» meaning he might not only be filled with Synthol, but also regret. He also said that he injects 100-200ml of synthol on a daily basis. According to Kirill, his biceps measure a foot (30cm) in width. It took just ten days for his arms to increase 26cm (0.85ft) in circumference and about a month to fully inflate his arms to their current 64cm. He admitted that the injections are very painful and claimed that the redness in his arms is a temporary symptom and will disappear in a few days. Synthol remains a legal drug in Russia. It can be easily purchased on the Internet and sports nutrition stores.

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