NYC turns two tons of ivory to smithereens to protest illegal trade

A rock crusher destroyed nearly two tons of ivory in New York City's Central Park on Thursday, as part of a demonstration to show the state's commitment to eliminating the illegal ivory trade. The total sum of artefacts included ivory that had been seized from illegal ivory sellers in New York City. Extremely valuable Japanese sculptures, called netsuke, were carried up a conveyer belt and... Еще into the jaws of the rock crusher, where they were then turned to dust. Humane Society International member Iris Ho estimated that the net worth of the ivory items reached some 8.5 million dollars (€7.2 million). «The value shows that people are greedy, they are willing to kill one of the most majestic animals just to turn them into trinkets», Ho said. Protesters chanted «crush the ivory, crush the demand» as they carried placards that showed an image of an elephant beneath the words 'Protect their home'.

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