Nude picnic marks Parisian Day of Naturism *EXPLICIT*

A handful of naturists tossed their clothes away and enjoyed a picnic in a Paris forest on a sun-washed Sunday, marking what they call a Parisian Day of Naturism. The participants were seen having a picnic, as well as enjoying other activities such as yoga and fitness. Beatrice, Vice President of the Association of Naturists of Paris, stated, «we often confuse nudity and sexuality, and it's... Еще scary, it's taboo, while we talk about drugs, violence without problem, the nudity oddly is shocking.» Jacques, Vice President of the Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty [APNEL], said, «when we return to the fundamentals, nor in the Muslim religion nudity was condemned when we look at the Koran, on the contrary, people went before in pilgrimage to Mecca naked, he did not go dressed by sign of humility. And in the Christian religion it is the same, Christ was crucified naked and nudity was not a problem.» Veronique, a participant, said, «we come because we practice naturism, so we come to enjoy the Paris region and to be able to practice naturism.»

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