Not the WURST idea! This Russian sausage will make you a football fan

Sausage manufacturer RKZ-Tavr from Rostov-on-Don produced their first football-shaped sausages on Tuesday, inspired by the upcoming World Cup. The company’s director Alexander Remeta explained how they came up with the idea. «We were looking through many variants but we stopped at the most favourite one — a ball in a classical shape with our logo,» he explained. According to Remeta, any... Еще self-respecting football fan would benefit from trying out the unique banger, since «after its intake this product delivers a strong flow of desire to cheer for sport as a whole and for our [football] team in particular.» At the moment the ball-shaped sausages only come as a limited edition but the company has given assurances that no fan will be left hungry if there is demand.

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