Not-so-sweet symphony? Singing road forced to close due to unhappy residents

A 'singing' road in the village of Jelsum was closed after residents complained about disruptive sounds, footage filmed on Tuesday reveals. The road is located in the Friesland province where, apart from Dutch, people also speak Frisian and have their own anthem, which was recently placed into the road asphalt as so-called «rumple strips». «If you go 60 kilometers per hour you can hear the... Еще tones of the beginning of the Fries anthem. You can hear it really clearly,» shared one of the residents, adding that he really enjoyed the idea. Another resident also added that she liked the singing road, though heard that some tried to drive backwards in attempt to listen to the anthem conversely, which resulted into some dangerous road situations. «We got scared at first. So I ran downstairs with my survival knife to look and see what it was. But it was coming from the road,» said another resident, adding that the sound could be heard constantly. «Especially the people who live directly along the road. They can hear it 24-hours [a day]. Which makes me understand why it is a negative experience for them».

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