Norway: No reports confirming phosphorous was used in Syria — Egeland

Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council Jan Egeland said the usage of phosphorous by forces in Syria has not been confirmed by any reports, speaking from Oslo, on Monday. Egeland gave the example of Gaza where he claimed phosphorous bombs caused «enormous consequences for the civilians.» He also claimed that Syrian Democratic Forces, which are currently surrounding Raqqa, «do not... Еще allow civilians to have freedom of movement out of refugee holding centres.» The humanitarian specialist maintained that only those suspected of «fighting with one group or the other» should be charged, as opposed to restricting freedom of movement for the civilians in the camps. Egeland also touched upon the situation in Yemen, which he deemed to be the place in the world «where most lives are at stake at the moment,» before going on to lament, «17 million people now need humanitarian relief; 7 million people risk being engulfed in the epic, biblical famine.»
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