Norway: Crashed Russian MI-8 helicopter recovered off Svalbard

The Russian Mi-8 helicopter which crashed on October 26 with eight people onboard, was raised from the sea floor, off the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, Saturday. The retrieval of the aircraft from the seabed was carried out by the Maersk Forza offshore vessel equipped with a crane. The helicopter's body was brought to the surface from a depth of some 200 metres (656 feet). The cockpit... Еще voice recorder was found after the helicopter was raised and will be sent to the Russian capital for further analysis. According to Norwegian authorities, none of the crew members or passengers onboard the crashed helicopter were found inside the aircraft. The search for the other seven people continues. So far, only one body has been retrieved from the site of the aircraft wreckage. The Russian Mi-8 helicopter, which reportedly carried eight Russian citizens, including three scientists from Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, was en route to Barentsburg from the Russian settlement of Pyramiden when it came down.

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