North Korea: Kim Jong-un vows mentally deranged Trump will pay dearly for UNGA speech

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called US President Donald Trump «rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, rather than a politician,» in an official statement on Friday, in response to Trump's address at the UN General Assembly on September 19. Jong-un slammed US President for his «unprecedented rude nonsense» address and underlined that Trump's statement «will have convinced me, rather... Еще than frightening or stopping me, that the path I chose is correct and that it is the one I have to follow to the last». «The mentally deranged behaviour of the U.S. president openly expressing on the UN arena the unethical will to «totally destroy» a sovereign state . . . makes even those with normal thinking faculty think about discretion and composure,» the statement said. He went on saying that North Korea would «consider with seriousness exercising of a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history.» «I will, with all dignity and honour of our nation and people, and with everything of my own, make US president pay the price for his insane remarks to destroy our republic nation,» Jong-un concluded his statement.
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