Nigerian school accepts plastic waste as tuition payment

The Morit International School in Lagos gives impoverished parents the option to pay for their children’s tuition with plastic waste, creating a win-win-win solution for the parents, the school and the environment. The initiative, called the Recycle Pay project, was set up by the African Clean Up Initiative and WeCyclers, in partnership with Morit International School. «If a parent can't afford... Еще to pay 4,000 naira for three months,» says Principal Patrick Mbaramah, interviewed on Wednesday, «there is a problem. So it got me thinking, prior to the start up of the initiative, I have a recycling background.» He explained, «these parents, they have it all around them. This is money around them, and they are looking for money to pay me, and I have a way to combat that thing for them.» Morit International School is located in Ajegunle district, Lagos, one of the country’s most densely populated slums.

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