Nigerian contortionists 'out on a limb' in mind-blowing show of flexibility

Oyindamola Kolawole and Olupitan Anjola are two body contortionists showcasing their craft on the streets of the Nigerian city of Lagos. They aim to pave the way for younger generations to take up the practice in a society which they say is reluctant to embrace the sport-slash-art. ''It is not generally accepted by Nigerians. Some see it as voodoo, some see it as juju, some see it as witchcraft and all that,» Oyindamola Kolawole said on Sunday. «I am pushing the art very well because I am the first of my kind in Nigeria as of 2013-2014. Ever since then, a lot of people have been inspired by my art and a lot of people have come up to become a contortionist and say, okay, that is what they want to do. That is the main goal of this,» he added. The duo was seen bending and stretching their bodies into all sorts of improbable shapes as residents watched on in interest and bewilderment. ''I don't know how this one (has) come up, I've never seen this kind of thing in my life. So, it's amazing, I don't think it's normal,» said Olarenwaju Lawal, an onlooker. Often performed as part of acrobatics and circus acts, contortion helps practitioners display the extremes of body flexibility, with performers often managing to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces such as suitcases.

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