Nicaragua: Thousands support defiant Ortega on Sandinista revolution anniversary

Thousands of supporters of President Daniel Ortega took to the streets of Managua on Friday, to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution, and to support their leader after a three-month long stretch of anti-government protests which saw over 350 people get killed. Referring to the protests against his government, Ortega said from a stage, «Lets continue defending our rights... Еще. Let's continue defending our decisions. Our decisions are not in Washington. They are in Managua.» On July 19, 1979 the FSLN and its troops entered the country's capital city and declared that they now had control of government. Former President Anastasio Somoza Debayle had tendered his resignation two days earlier, signalling an end to the violent, autocratic rule under the Somoza family. It is estimated that between 1978 and 1979 more than 10,000 people lost their lives in the battle for power.

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