Nicaragua: Thousands hold open air mass as anti-gov. protests persist

Thousands marched through the streets of the Nicaraguan capital Managua on Saturday, to protest against violence following a week of protests against President Daniel Ortega. Thousands of Nicaraguans marched with flags and banners and held an open air mass in protest against the government's new social reforms and against the violent response of authorities during recent protests. For... Еще protester Alvaro Melendez, the change will come because «this situation can't continue in Nicaragua,» adding that «we want a different Nicaragua.» Anti-government protests had left at least 42 people killed since the beginning of the unrest last Wednesday. The protests were in response to a set of welfare reforms, in which employees will have to contribute a larger amount of their pay checks to the pension scheme, while simultaneously taking a five percent cut to be used for medical expenses.

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